Summer activity

Daily musical camps

Do you want to become a musical star? 
You have desire we give all the rest: scene, costumes, lights, team of professional, which will lead you during whole process. Dancing, singing, acting is the slogan for every day. At the end of the week, you will present the show in front of audience at the final presentation.


Daily dance camps

Daily dance camps are for children which are 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12 years old. Classes for children from 4-6 years are focused on general dance preparation in two blocks during a day. 7-9, 6-12 years old children absolve classes of hip hop and modern dance. All classes are focused on continual dance preparation, rhythm, body alignment and fun. The result of whole week is formal presentation in front of the audience where children present their choreographies.


Summer dance camp for elledanse members

Summer dance camp is preferentially for elledanse members. After summer holiday, members absolve classes of ballet, jazz, modern, stretching and repertory. Expect dance classes, members have program as a barbeque, disco, carnival, swimming, etc. In addition, all dancers and lectors can better know each other. Summer camp is outside of the city; last year it was Hotel Zátoka (Senec, Slovakia).